Altamush Saeed 'LLM 24

Altamush Saeed ‘LLM 24

Founder & CEO, Environmental and Animal Rights Consultants LLP Pakistan (EARC)
Visiting Faculty, University of Central Punjab Law School

Program: On Campus LLM in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law

Graduation Date: January 2024

Previous Education:

  • Environmental Law LLM, Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Animal Law LLM, Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Human Rights/Intl Law LLM, University of Michigan Law School
  • BA-LLB, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

Current Position: Founder & CEO, Environmental and Animal Rights Consultants LLP Pakistan (EARC); Visiting Faculty, University of Central Punjab Law School; International Law Consultant, Phoenix Zones Initiatives

Hometown: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

With a relentless dedication to advocacy for Interspecies Justice, Altamush Saeed, a recent graduate of the Environmental Law LLM program at Lewis & Clark Law School, is reshaping the legal landscape in Pakistan. Since completing the program in January 2024, Altamush has been at the forefront of environmental and animal rights activism in his home country.

While still a student in the LLM program, Altamush founded Environmental and Animal Rights Consultants LLP Pakistan (EARC), Pakistan’s first dedicated environmental and animal strategic, law, and policy firm. EARC is actively engaged in high-impact litigation at the Lahore High Court and provides free legal aid to individuals working in environmental and animal rights fields. Altamush’s work is particularly vital in light of Pakistan’s recent experiences with natural disasters, such as the devastating floods of 2022, which highlighted the urgent need for advocacy and legal action to address climate change and its impacts.

In addition to his work with EARC, Altamush has made significant contributions to academia and education. He delivered a groundbreaking TEDx talk at Forman Christian College University on Interspecies Justice and Disasters, the first of its kind in Pakistan. Moreover, Altamush was appointed as a visiting faculty member at the University of Central Punjab Law School, where he teaches the country’s first Animal Law Advocacy Course as part of their Advocacy Skills curriculum. This course not only focuses on animal rights but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of environmental and human rights issues.

Altamush’s journey towards advocating for Interspecies Justice began long before his time at Lewis and Clark. His experiences with disasters, including the 2022 floods in Pakistan, fueled his passion for creating positive change. Through his work running the nonprofit organization, Charity Doings Foundation, Altamush has spearheaded numerous initiatives including inaugurating Pakistan’s 1st Disaster Zone Farm Animal Shelter and the development of green vegetable gardens linked with 2000+ carbon-neutral solar-powered clean water projects accessible for both humans and animals. The organization is also increasingly advocating for plant-based foods as a mechanism for reducing climate change and animal cruelty

Reflecting on his time at Lewis & Clark Law School, Altamush highlights the profound impact of the program on his career trajectory. His coursework, particularly in International Environmental Law, provided him with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance his advocacy efforts. Altamush also actively participated in extracurricular activities, serving as Vice President of Equity and Inclusion at the Law School Student Bar Association and contributing to various student organizations focused on environmental justice and disability rights.

Among his favorite experiences at Lewis and Clark was his International Environmental Law class with Professor Chris Wold, where he found inspiration and guidance to pursue his passion for Interspecies Justice. Altamush fondly recalls the supportive environment and the opportunity to learn from esteemed professors and peers who shared his dedication to making a difference in the world.

As Altamush continues to drive positive change in Pakistan and beyond, his commitment to Interspecies Justice serves as a beacon of hope for a more equitable and sustainable future for all beings.