Gordon Kelly

Associate Professor with term in Humanities

John R. Howard Hall 225

Gordon Kelly is an Associate Professor with term in Humanities. He received a Ph. D. in Classical Studies from Bryn Mawr College in 1999, with a concentration in Ancient History. He has taught courses on Latin and Greek language and literature, Roman and Greek History, Classical Mythology, Roman Law, and the family in the Roman World. Professor Kelly’s research has focused on the connection of politics, law, and social history in the Roman Republic, and he is the author of book, A History of Exile in the Roman Republic (Cambridge University Press, 2006). He is also interested in how ancient military practices reflect the social ideals of the Greco-Roman world, and has served as a rower on the reconstructed ancient Greek warship Olympias during three sea-trials in the 1990s. He has helped excavate the remains of a Roman villa at Vacone, Italy as a staff member of the Rutgers University Archaeological Field School during the summers of 2013 and ’14.