Daniela Dunajsk LC'26

Daniela Dunajsk, LC’26

Major: Psychology
Daniela Dunajsk plans to go into the more psychology side of public health.

The Chronic Disease Epidemic Related to the Healthcare Crisis


Chronic issues affect 50 percent of the population and consume 86 of healthcare expenditures. The system is treating it as acute, treating people with chronic illness symptoms as they come up, rather than fighting for the root cause. This leaves the patient not being properly treated. Daniela believes that if doctors can offer even simple psychological support during this process, rather than treat only physical symptoms, that could help treat people as a whole.

What got you interested in health studies?


I’ve been dealing with a chronic illness for about two years now and I’m finally on the other end of it. Going through that entire process and seeing firsthand how people with chronic illnesses, especially not well-understood ones, are left to do all the research. I was lucky enough to have my parents help me through–and to have insurance. There are so many appointments and I cannot imagine the people with fewer socio-economic resources trying to navigate this process. So this firsthand experience got me into it.”

This poster presentation was a final project for the Spring ’23 HEAL 210: Public Health course taught by Dr. Carolyn Zook and part of the Health Studies Minor.