Catherine Sprecher Loverti

Visiting Professor

Miller 323, MSC: 30
Office Hours:

By appointment.

Catherine Sprecher Loverti is originally from Zurich, Switzerland, and has studied at the University of Zurich. She has taught at the University of Zurich, UC Santa Barbara, the University of Chicago, the University of Portland and the Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik. She moved to Portland because of the city’s dedication to sustainability and alternative lifestyle.

Academic Credentials

PhD University of Chicago

Lic.Phil. I, University of Zurich


German 101-102: First-year German language and culture sequence.

German 201-201: Second-year German language and culture sequence.

German 301: German Composition and Conversation: “Der/die/das Fremde [The Strange/r].”

German 321: Introduction to Literary Studies: “Verbrechen, Recht und Gerechtigkeit [Crime, Law and Justice].”

German 410: Major Periods in  German Literature: “Märchenmotive in der deutschen Kultur und Geschichte [Fairy Tale Themes in German Culture and History].”

German 450: Special Topics in German: “Der Tod der Autobiographie? [The Death of Autobiography?].”

Core 106: Exploration and Discovery I: “Creation and Responsibility” and “Knowledge, Power, and Responsibility.”

Core 107: Exploration and Discovery II: “Fairy Tales. Then and Now.”


German and English Romanticism, Gender, Swiss Literature, Fairy Tales, Theories of Life Writing and Subjectivity, Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory

Location: Miller Hall