Randy Porter

Instructor of Jazz Piano

Randy Porter is an Oregon resident well known for his fine jazz piano performance.  Though his early years in San Diego were immersed in classical, jazz, and R & B, he did not receive formal musical instruction  until high school.  Porter credits the late Dr. Frank Marks at Humboldt State University for his classical training and musical inspiration.  His jazz teachers at New England Conservatory, Fred Hersch and the late Jaki Baird along with Art Lande and Butch Lacey, also enhanced his musical scope.

As a Steinway Artist, Porter draws from a rich palette of sonorities found within his imagination and the depths of the piano.  As a jazz musician, Porter has a refined understanding of improvisation and the spontaneous communication between musicians.  Lynn Darroch of The Oregonian states, “Porter has built a reputation as a musician’s musician, a knowledgeable, inventive, and sophisticated player with a remarkable sense of time and gorgeous keyboard facility…”