Eric Miller

Instructor of African Marimba

Eric Miller grew up in Indiana playing jazz trumpet and scat singing.  He found marimbas when he moved to Oregon in the late 90’s, and fell in love with the African music played on them.  The opportunity to experience different roles in the band being the bass player, melody maker, rhythm section, etc. was so exciting and ear opening that he’s never looked back.  His journey has allowed him to tour the world with Zimbabwean legend Thomas Mapfumo, as well as playing locally with many great bands such as Boka Marimba. 

A composer too, Eric enjoyed writing tunes for the band MarchFourth!, in which he played trumpet for many years.  His big hit with them was the song ‘Gospel’, which appeared in the film “Monsters University”.  Eric applies his composition skills to marimba bands as well and also arranges popular music for marimba, along with the more ‘standard repertoire’ of African traditional music.

Eric has been teaching marimba in Portland for over a decade and has a successful student band that performs around town as the Supadupa Marimba Bros.  The marimba is a very approachable instrument and Eric loves to share his passion for playing it with his students, whether they are new to playing music or are seasoned musicians.