Jennifer Cox Cyphers

Jennifer Cox Cyphers BA '98



Degree and Class Year

BA ’98

Current City

Denver, Colorado


Psychology and Foreign Languages (now World Languages)


Pio Log (now Mossy Log), Club Lacrosse, Resident Director Search Committee

Overseas study

Strasbourg, France

Job Title, Organization

Founder and CEO, Pynwheel

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Intellectual, Conscientious, International

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I loved the international approach of the school, the beautiful campus, the small classes, and the friendliness of the students.

How do you describe the liberal arts?

Liberal arts is the education of the whole student.

How did you select your major?

I actually wanted to major in business and international affairs, but the business program was dissolved my first year and I found that world languages was a better match for what I was looking for in terms of an education in international cultures. I decided to double major in psychology because I really enjoyed the subject.

How did Lewis & Clark prepare you for your career?

Building a business, I have found that our best employees are employees who have learned how to think, communicate, and solve problems. People with the right vocational background are rarely as successful. I would not have been as successful in my career without my strong critical thinking and writing skills.

What would you say is the most important thing you learned at Lewis & Clark?

The most important thing I learned at Lewis & Clark is the love of learning.

What’s your favorite memory from being a student at L&C?

  • Jennifer Cox Cyphers BA ’98
    tells us about her favorite L&C memory.
    Jennifer Cox Cyphers BA '98

What’s your favorite part or most memorable experience of serving on the Board of Alumni?

I love serving on the Board of Alumni because it keeps me connected to the campus, the students, and other alumni. I am not sure that I have one favorite particular memory, but gathering with like-minded people on the campus that I love, feeling like I am contributing in a meaningful way, is a great feeling every time.

How do you encourage other alumni to give back to the college?

As a member of the Philanthropy Council, I reach out alumni to request donations to the college and thank them for their donations using email and social media. I think it’s such a gift to be able to participate in making the college stronger.

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