Rosie Gurnee

Rosie Gurnee


Fayetteville, NC


International Affairs


My name is Rosie Gurnee, I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Growing up in a state which is infamous for voter suppression, I became involved in political activism and voter rights work at a young age. I am founding LC’s first voter advocacy group this year, which aims to help students build habits that will set them up for lifelong civic engagement. My passion for political activism lead me to pursue an International Affairs degree. I savor the opportunity to connect my on-the-ground efforts with the history and mechanics of governance on an international scale. In my free time I love to learn about art, read fiction, go to live performances, and play billiards. I feel so honored to be included with this amazing group of scholars and professors in the Pamplin Society!


Founder of PiosVote! voter awareness club


Civic Influencer Fellowship, Deans List, SEANC recipient, Voted ‘Community Connector’ 2021, Best Thesis Paper 2021