Kellen Copeland

Kellen Copeland

Adjunct Instructor

My research interests center on wildlife-human relations and education, broadly. I have drawn from the fields of anthropology, sociology, and philosophy to understand how human cultures shape societal outcomes for nonhuman participants. My work has focused at the nexus of conservation, ecotourism, and animal ethics, and my most recent project was on salmon-sea lion-human relations in the Columbia River Basin of the Pacific Northwest United States. This dissertation work was informed by a 12-month, multi-sited, multispecies ethnographic design and was grounded in postmodern, postcolonial and posthuman theories. I have co-led six domestic and international field studies in five countries with over fifty different undergraduate and graduate students. I have utilized experiential learning as a methodological and pedagogical tool to inform collaborative research.

In doing so, we start to question the roots of social-environmental issues and are better equipped to discover novel solutions that challenge that status quo.

Academic Credentials

PhD Candidate (ABD.), Environmental Science, Oregon State University, Expected Graduation November 2022

MBA, Focus on Social Innovation, Portland State University, 2020

BA in Business, Concentration in Social Entrepreneurship, The College of
Idaho, 2018