Picture of Jacob Hidalgo.

Jacob Hidalgo

Special Events & Programs Peer Educator

Year: 4th year student

Major: International Affairs

How do you Self-Identify?: I am proudly Mixed, Indigenous, Latine, Asian, and Queer.

Do you identify as First-Generation?: Yes

What does IME mean to you?
IME, to me, is the people and the community. The people who are involved and have been involved have cultivated such a safe and fun space to be proudly myself at LC. And because of this I have made some lifelong friends.

Ask me about: I was born and raised in LA. Growing up, I always had the passion of helping others which lead me to join IME, Mixed LC, GLU, Great Expectations, and a lot of other organizations on campus. When I’m not working on school or these Orgs, I am either watching video essays on YouTube, writing, or playing dnd (dungeons and dragons) or other ttrpgs (table top role playing games).