Picture of Sanaa Green.

Sanaa Green

Great Expectations Peer Educator

Year: 4th year student

Major: Psychology

Minor: Rhetoric and Media Studies & Theater

How do you Self-Identify?: Female / American-Indian

Do you identify as First-Generation?: Yes

What does IME mean to you?
To me, IME is everything. All the staff and peers have been nothing but pleasant to me since my second week (the retreat) of freshman year. Having the encouragement and enthusiasm of peers who have gone through similar circumstances makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket. Knowing I wasn’t the only one who needed space on campus and had a lot of negative thoughts when I first arrived helped me feel better. Attending the various activities and being able to connect with others gave me a sense of comfort. After going through that trying time, I enjoy returning and pouring my heart out to others who are in need of the same help. Giving them the same sense of security that so many wonderful people gave me. Being a listening ear as well as a first-hand advocate for those who have attended LC and have had a variety of experiences.

Ask me about: Working for PioStream Live Productions, Costume Stock Manager, SCIT Board Member, I work in a business with beauty care products.

I love anything beauty related Love traveling- I’ve been to many different places. I love going on adventures and trying new foods. I love working out. Anything fashion related. Quality time and reassurance is a big part of me. I enjoy company and having a good time.