Picture of Jessica Serikawa.

Jessica Serikawa

IME Graduate Assistant

Year: Graduate Student Second Year

How do you Self-Identify?: Asian-American

Do you identify as First-Generation?: No

What does IME mean to you?
IME helps support, assist and empower historically marginalized students at Lewis and Clark to achieve greater academic success, to develop their personal and professional character, and to engage in the campus and community.

Ask me about: At Concordia University Portland, I was involved in Christian Life Ministries as a international support leader and was in an Asian affinity group. Now, I mostly focus on my studies and internships. My passion is to work with students and make them feel a part of the school community. I put hard work into my studies and do my best in everything I do. My hobbies are playing volleyball, listening to music (Kpop), and doing calligraphy. I like to travel when I can: I’ve been to California, Las Vegas, Florida, Seattle, Boston, London, and Japan and I hope to travel more in the future.