Assessment of Birth Control Access in the United States

Lindsey Flegel

Major/Minor: Biology Major, Health Studies Minor
Lindsey is interested in a career in physical therapy or athletic training.

“[For our research project] we wanted to focus on the barriers to birth control access for women across the U.S. Women’s reproductive health has always been a highly debated topic and currently we are in the midst of an attack on a woman’s right to choose.

Birth control access felt like an important piece of the puzzle that makes up the complexity of the reproductive justice conversation. We felt it informed the discussion on abortion state-to-state. Conducting this project from the perspective of three women who have had this topic at the forefront of our minds due to our given positions in life felt empowering. We hope to use this research to inform and expand other’s points of view.”

As a student in Public Health, Lindsey worked on a research project titled “Assessment of Birth Control Access in the United States.” Public Health is one of the courses in the Health Studies minor, which helps recognize the central role public health plays in our lives and the value of a liberal arts approach to solving the world’s current and future health challenge. Students can learn more about the minor at