Lack of Healthcare Access Regarding COVID-19 in POC Communities in LA County

Hernando Magallanes

Major/Minor: Biochemistry Major, Health Studies Minor
Hernando plans to become a medical doctor.

“I researched the People of Color (POC) community health inequities in the LA area regarding COVID-19. I am considered a POC minority and have lived in the LA area. I wanted to research and find data on the health disparities in an area I used to live near. This public health content connects to my lived experiences because I have seen how different area codes determine health outcomes.

It was my first time presenting research so it was definitely a new experience for me. I didn’t know what to expect but it was fun presenting research I cared about to people that seemed interested; it was a learning experience and got better each time.”

As a student in Public Health, Hernando worked on a research project titled “Lack of Healthcare Access regarding COVID-19 in POC Communities in LA County.” Public Health is one of the courses in the Health Studies minor, which helps recognize the central role public health plays in our lives and the value of a liberal arts approach to solving the world’s current and future health challenge. Students can learn more about the minor at