Decolonizing Public Health

Edie Tavel, LC ’22

Major/Minor: Sociology & Anthropology Major, Health Studies Minor
Edie is interested in working in the intersection of health, writing, and anthropology.

“It was really exciting to present research in a poster session with many other people around—some of my conversations with those visiting elicited ideas for further research.

My research topic—Decolonizing Public Health—was inspired by another class I took at LC called Decolonizing Anthropology. In that class we began to learn about some ways that health and medicine have been intertwined in colonial histories, and I really wanted to flesh out this topic to consider how public health and colonialism are related, and how we can work to decolonize public health globally.”

As a student in Public Health, Edie worked on a research project titled “Decolonizing Public Health.” Public Health is one of the courses in the Health Studies minor, which helps recognize the central role public health plays in our lives and the value of a liberal arts approach to solving the world’s current and future health challenge. Students can learn more about the minor at