Coral Rose Sunshine

Portrait of Coral Rose Sunshine.



Degree and Class Year

BA ’22


Monterey, California




Afro-latin dancer, creative writer, artist, Prison Abolition Club cofounder, Transformative Justice Symposium cofounder and coordinator, former case analyst at Innocence Project

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Creative, Curious, Self-aware

What made you want to come to L&C?

In all honesty, when I first toured the campus I felt like I was in a floral Hogwarts. So, that was the first draw. Then I met some current students and they were so open and welcoming. Then I got some amazing scholarships and truly felt that L&C cares about my creations!

How do you describe the liberal arts?

Liberal arts in practice is full of communication, community building, conversation about ideas, and putting ideas into practice. Students learn from one another as well as from their professors. It is beautiful and inspiring to meet professors who are in turn learning from their students as well, and that is very alive in liberal arts communities.

What’s your favorite creative writing class? Why?

I really loved Writing and Illness taught by Professor Rishona Zimring. It was the perfect balance between novel ideas and readings and the freedom to create and write your own story. It is an intimate class, and the knowledge I’ve learned has brought me comfort as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ebb and flow.

What should incoming students know about the creative writing program at L&C?

The best quote I learned from a good friend is “you are right on time,” and I think this applies to the creative writing program. You are never too late or too early to dive into creative writing at L&C. The program welcomes new writers and even more established creative writers. You will learn more about yourself whether writing is your passion or just play.