Alison N.

Artist Statement

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a strain on our ability to stay connected to our community, leaving many of us feeling isolated and disconnected. My internship, at a community-based nonprofit–serving primarily marginalized populations–allowed me to witness first-hand the impact of social isolation within our communities. Entering the field during this time of uncertainty as an emerging art therapist was difficult. It required an attunement to self in order to attune to the community. During outreach efforts, I had the opportunity to participate in multiple vaccination events hosted at a local church. Through this I facilitated art-making spaces informed by a trauma-informed and multicultural lens for over 600 community members.

The community puzzle project was conceptualized out of the intention to aid in restoring our sense of belonging and connection to the community–all to promote healing and post-traumatic growth. Each participant decorated a blank puzzle piece with messages and images of hope and healing that can be viewed publicly as a part of the larger community. This experience has not only added meaning and richness to my own professional development but has deepened my understanding and respect for the power of art in healing.

Title: Supporting Community Solidarity–One Piece at a Time

Supporting Solidarity, One piece at a Time