Scott Kauffman JD '77

Scott Kauffman


Scott Kauffman JD ’77 had a short story, “Luck Can Be Like a Woman,” published in the literary journal Briar Cliff Review ( His novel Saving Thomas was named as a finalist for both the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Award and the 2022 Chanticleer Murder & Mayhem Award, and was short-listed for the Goethe Award for Recent Historical Fiction.


Scott Kauffman JD ’77 penned Saving Thomas, a story of forgiveness. After his wife’s death, reporter Jeremy Michaels concentrates on writing news stories that try to bring justice to the underdogs of the world, until an announcement by Buckingham Palace shatters his glass cocoon. The village hermit from the hometown Jeremy fled is to be knighted for still-classified services rendered during World War II. Jeremy’s editor sends him back home to discover just what qualifies the man—whom Jeremy knows well from a certain childhood adventure—for such an extraordinary honor. Fearing he’s been scooped by the hometown paper, Jeremy needs to discover the truth if he’s to save his job—and an old friendship. Wild Rose Press, 2022. 306 pages.