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Josephine Palladini ’24

When people ask me where I’m from I never know if I should give them the easy answer or give them the longer version. I was born in Rome, Italy and always felt more Italian than American even though my mom is American and she taught me English from a young age. Having an Italian father and being raised in Italy made me develop a connection with the culture, the ways of living, and the dialect of my town.

Growing up I sometimes visited the U.S. to see family and keep up my English speaking skills. However, it wasn’t until the age of 16 that I officially left Italy, my family, and my high school and moved to boarding school in the US.

After finishing high school I decided to pursue my education in the U.S. because of the better opportunities for young students in comparison to Italy. While looking at liberal arts colleges, LC seemed like an appropriate fit for me because of the sociology major, the overseas program, and the support for international students and TCK’s. After my LC career I hope to use my skills and knowledge to improve educational issues back home in Italy.


Rome, Italy


SOAN, Hispanic Studies

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Italy, USA