Elisabeth Clyne

Lizzy Clyne

Adjunct Assistant Professor

I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching at Lewis and Clark for the 2021-22 academic year. I am nonbinary and pronoun indifferent (I write They/Them on paper, but use whatever you prefer, I won’t care). My areas of expertise are glaciology, geology, oceanography, and sedimentology. That is to say, I love studying the physical world! I am teaching climate science and snow/ice science while at LC. I have had the privilege to study and live in several different places of the world and USA and love sharing my experiences and opportunities with my students.

My undergraduate degree in Physics was centered around astronomy and astrophysics research, culminating in an internship at NASA JPL. I also worked as a mentor/TA/supplemental instructor for undergraduates courses in Physics and Astronomy, part time at a Little Caesars, and, most importantly, as an environmental interpreter at a nature center, taking all age groups outdoors to teach them about local ecology, geology, plants, and animals. My master’s research focused in marine geology, studying records of earthquakes and glacial activity in Prince William Sound, Alaska. This involved field work at sea to collect gravity cores and the laboratory processing and analysis of those cores. I also worked as a marine science TA and for a semester in a local middle school, 3 days a week teaching life sciences and developing lessons related to my research. My PhD research focused on glacial seismology, working to deploy seismometers on alpine glaciers and analyze reflection seismic data from Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica.

My career goals are to remain very active in teaching/science outreach and acquisition of sedimentological and geophysical data in a variety of field settings, from the ocean, to the coasts, and to mountains. I make a hobby of all-season mountaineering and climbing to maintain the physical and safety skills necessary for my research.

Academic Credentials

PhD Candidate, The Pennsylvania State University
MS, The College of William and Mary Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Marine Geology 
BS, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Physics

Location: Olin Hall