Become a Medical Scribe at Legacy Health

Northwest Acute Care Specialists runs a Scribe Program for students pursuing a career in medicine. NACS hires pre-med students that want a clinical experience prior to applying to medical programs, including students and recent graduates from Lewis & Clark. 

The organization currently staffs six Legacy Health emergency departments in the Portland Metro and Southwest Washington area including: Emanuel, Good Samaritan, Meridian Park, Mount Hood, Randall Children’s, Salmon Creek and Silverton.

Scribes provide real-time charting in Emergency Department (ED) settings. The scribe follows the ED physician into every patient room, records the patient’s history and the reason for coming to the ED, and transcribes the physical exam as the doctor dictates. The scribe records the results of diagnostic tests, phone conversations with consulting physicians, and patient reexaminations. The scribe transcribes the patient’s diagnosis, the physician’s clinical decision making and the plan for follow-up care.