Maryam Al-Ghenzi

Maryam Al-Ghezi


Baghdad, Iraq


Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq Growing up in one of the middle eastern countries, I started to realize the opportunities that I wanted to get every single time running away from me only because I was an out-spoken woman. When I was 17, I was awarded a scholarship to study at the United World Colleges in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina ( UWC Mostar). UWC has changed me into a different person, a person that can be independent, responsible, it helped to create those long-term friendships with the diversity mindset. It made me realized that home can be defined by people not a place. I had a huge interest in science when I was a kid especially genetics and I always wanted to do research about genetics diseases. Lewis and Clark has a great biology and chemistry departments and for that reason, I decided to be a BCMB major ( Molecular biology and biochemistry). Outside of the academic environment, I love photography, baking and learning languages ( I know five languages but still working on learning more :)


President of the French club, ASL club, SQRC, Arabic club, Arabic tutor at the ILC


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