Randy Long

Randy Long

Visiting assistant professor biology

BoDine 219A, MSC: 53

My Research Interests

My research focuses on how variation in plant traits drive, and are driven by, biotic and abiotic interactions. I use intraspecific variation in functional traits to evaluate how local populations are adapted to specific stressors, including herbivory, salinity, and cold tolerance. I utilize both observational and experimental techniques to evaluate local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity and their effects on local biodiversity.


My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has two interrelated goals. First is to increase student engagement, and the other is to deepen student comprehension. For students to learn they must be engaged in a topic, and with so many competing tasks and responsibilities in a student’s daily life it can be challenging to maintain high levels of student engagement in and outside of class. I engage students by using diverse and innovative teaching methods and use student feedback to modify my teaching techniques to meet student needs. I am committed to providing a high-quality undergraduate experience, and constantly reflect on the effectiveness of my teaching through both qualitative and quantitative methods.