Allie Levin

Aldebaron Levin


Ramona, CA


Philosophy (Minoring in Computer Science


I’m from a small country town in the boring part of San Diego county, CA, and I’m very happy to be in the rain here at LC. After experiencing the shortcomings of the public education system in underfunded areas, I decided to pursue a law degree in order to aid me in my goal of education reform. I believe that public schools should include socioemotional development programs, but I’ll refrain from writing multiple pages about that in this bio. When I’m not reading my many philosophy assignments, I’m singing, playing cards with friends, or getting into arguments about the objective merit of carrot cake.


Community Chorale, Philosophy Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Field Horsemanship, and SAAB Tutoring


Dean’s List, Tholen Vocal Lessons Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, Clayton Morgraidge Award