Roosevelt High School

Lewis & Clark College Prep Program Summer Intensive

With Andrew W. Mellon Foundation support, Roosevelt high school students will be on campus this summer for a new a summer intensive intended for Roosevelt high school students interested in developing skills to help them apply for and succeed in college. Students will learn what it’s like to live on campus, learn from professors, and work with current Lewis & Clark College student mentors.

The new summer intensive course will expand on Professor of Rhetoric Mitch Reyes’ existing course, Argumentation and Social Justice, which is currently taught to Roosevelt high school students and Lewis & Clark undergraduates in the Fall semester.  Professor Reyes is extending the curriculum, focusing on race and the history of social justice movements, as well as the use of narrative and writing to address social, structural, systemic inequality. This provides the foundation for the summer intensive course, which will focus on the history of social justice activism in the United States and the students’ own place in that history as young, BIPOC, first generation college students. This project offers all students hands-on experiences in using story as a tool to heal—by opening doors to higher education.


The first summer intensive will take place over two weeks June 13-24, 2022.


12 Roosevelt students will take part in the summer intensive, led by Professor Reyes. Four Lewis & Clark undergraduates will be hired as near-peer mentors and facilitators. 


Check this space for more detailed information. If you are an LC community member and have questions or are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Alexis, our Community Engagement Coordinator.