Write Around Portland

Writing Workshops to Heal Social Suffering through Narrative

Write Around Portland is bringing writing workshops to Lewis & Clark in a unique opportunity to experience the ways in which writing can help to heal. Our collaboration with WAP provides the opportunity to learn from an established local organization with over 20 years of experience in building community and promoting healing through narrative. This collaboration provides Write Around Portland the resources necessary to broaden the impact of their transformational work and bring their model to historically inaccessible systems and spaces.

The Write Around Portland pilot workshop will take place Fall 2021. It will be embedded in two sections of Numbers, which is a required seminar for all first-years. The workshop will address the objectives:

  • Foster student belonging.
  • Share Write Around Portland’s values of respect, writing, and community.
  • Create space for historically underrepresented students with the goal of reducing stereotype threat and countering imposter syndrome.
  • Result in measurable outcomes that support WAP’s desire to broaden their institutional impact.


VIDEO: A Community Partner in Write Around Portland

Write Around Portland has been bringing their values of respect, writing, and community to Portlanders for 20 years. Now, with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, write around will be bringing workshops to the Lewis & Clark community, too.