Picture of Azucena.

Azucena Morales Santos

Office Assistant

Pronouns: She, Her

Hometown: Hillsboro, Oregon

Major(s): Hispanic Studies, Sociology, & Cultural Anthropology

What does equity and inclusion mean to you:
Equity and inclusion is so complex because they can be understood in many different ways. But for me, equity and inclusion means a constant effort to push for practices that are accessible and inclusive to all students. To focus on systemic issues or barriers that impede students from feeling like they belong and dismantling them.

What does self-care/community-care look like for you?
Self care is extremely important! For me, it means putting your needs and priorities first. Yes, the homework assignment is important, but so is your mental/emotional health. Self care looks different for everybody but for me it is advocating for your self and your needs in every situation.

Things you’re involved with on/off campus.

  • For my first year, I was involved with CEESA, GLU, IME (through the GE program), and the girls rugby team. I also worked as a Zoom Co-host, and with the BHS lab as part time job(s).
  • Off-campus I work with a nonprofit organization called Oregon School-Based Health Alliance. As an organization we advocate for school-based health centers in schools in Oregon!

Three random facts about you.

  1. I enjoy complete it jigsaw puzzle during my free time!
  2. I love listening to OSTs (soundtracks) from the Korean dramas I’ve watched.
  3. I tend to stress myself for the smallest things so I’m working on that right now.