Stuti Behari

Stuti Behari

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class of 2026

My name is Stuti Behari and I attended UWC Mahindra. I came from a highly traditional school in Lucknow, India, that valued rote learning above all else and most of my education happened away from school. Despite being an avid learner, I could never warm to the classroom till I arrived at UWC. My experience at UWC was like a plump, layered sandwich grilled to perfection. I still marvel at how we contained all that learning and connection in two years, and I still find myself reaching into my mind and expanding on the ideas that took root there.

After UWC, I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for a year. While I really valued my time there, I missed real connection. Being at a large school, I was constantly aware of all the excess, and how little we looked at the trail we were leaving behind in the wake of our movement forward. Applying to college again, my main question to everyone was how supported they felt by their institute and if they felt immersed within that community. It was the student experience that drew me to Lewis & Clark College, and I hope to be better able to pause and consider my steps forward.

It was at UWC Mahindra, I began finding my way back to nature and its learning. Being in nature awakens the same magic within me that I found everywhere as a child. And so, I would like to continue this journey academically and explore the Environmental Sciences at Lewis & Clark College.

Outside of the classroom, I may be referred to as a bit of a craftaholic. I also enjoy yoga and spending time in nature tending to my home-farm with my two animal companions who have been instrumental in teaching me how to listen.

Something interesting about me is that in my time away from institutional education, I had my own jewellery business making pressed flower jewellery. I was responsible for the entire chain of business, from growing to pressing flowers with a no waste system, and implementing sustainable farming practices to provide for it. I did this while receiving treatment for a chronic illness and my identity as a chronic illness warrior is important to me and I hope to be an advocate for any students with disabilities, visible or not.

I have recently been going through a process of getting to know myself better, and critically think about the places I occupy already and the places I aspire to. At Lewis & Clark College, I want to honor the commitments I have made to myself, continue this ongoing process and fully engage with all that I encounter.