Salma Bashir, LC 2021 graduate.

Salma Bashir, LC ’21

Salma hopes to work in physical therapy and would love to pursue scientific research, too.
Major/Minor: Biology

“One of my biggest experiences at LC has been the Rogers program and being able to do research as an undergraduate. It’s a lot different than the classroom. You’re in charge of a lot of what you do and you become very close knit with your lab and people around you.

I’ve been working with spider venom. We follow all the safety protocols to ensure it can never hurt anyone. Hopefully the research will help in the development of anti-venom treatments, or our overall understanding of brown recluse toxins. Components inside animal venom has been used in pharmacy for a long time. It’s an active area of research. Science with spiders is very exciting!”

Salma is a student leader in the Pre-Health Professions Club

The club fosters community among pre-health students, raises awareness about on- and off-campus resources, and improves the success of pre-health students applying to graduate schools. The student club holds many events to support students interested in healthcare including a career panel, CPR certification, suture clinic, volunteering trips, guest speakers, and monthly meetings. Student leaders provide peer advising and mentorship to younger students and act as advocates for all pre-health students by coordinating with faculty and staff to develop meaningful curriculum and programming. Get involved! Email us at: