Aidan O’Connor ’23 (he/him)*

Environmental studies major, entrepreneurial leadership and innovation minor

Aidan was raised in the small town of Bristol, Wisconsin. He transferred his sophomore year from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to Lewis & Clark. He plans to spend a semester abroad in Granada, Spain in fall 2022.

Aidan’s passion is to reconnect humans with the natural world. Currently, he is working with two other LC seniors to create a business called Farmarketers. Farmarketers provides a service for small to mid-sized farmers who are looking to distribute their products in a sustainable manner. Aidan and his team are currently looking to launch in the next 6 to 8 months.

Aidan spends his summers caring for a disabled elderly woman who he considers a close friend. In his free time, he enjoys taking hikes in nature or cooking for his friends.

Additional Information

  • Hometown: Bristol, WI
  • Campus Involvement: Member of the Spanish and Chess Club
  • Hobbies: basketball, film photography, camping, skateboarding