Gila Winefeld

Gila Winefeld


Palo Alto, CA


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Hi! My name is Gila and I’m a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major from the San Francisco Bay Area. My family is Russian-Jewish, and this largely shaped my language and culture growing up. On campus I’m heavily involved with the LC Dance Company; choreography and dance performance are longtime passions of mine. Right now I’m also very interested in learning about mental health, and I spend some of my free time during the week volunteering as a counselor for Crisis Text Line. After LC I hope to go to medical school and integrate my interest in mental health and my love for science in a career as a physician. In my free time I like to read, hike, watch movies, and cook with my family and friends.


LC Dance Company, Active Minds, Weissman lab, volunteering


Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship, Herbert A. Templeton National Merit Scholarship