Martin Lopez

Juan (Martin) Lopez Melendez


La Piedad, México/ Coalinga, CA/Las Vegas, NM


World Languages


My name is Martín and I was born in a small rural area in the state of Michoacán, México. I grew up as a shepherd balancing my days between taking care of my goats and succeeding at school. I immigrated to the central valley in California when I was 13, later on I obtained the opportunity to continue my education in Las Vegas NM while attending UWC-USA. I love learning about cultures especially about the language aspect, I am interested in bringing more awareness about the power of languages, the big role they play in our world, and the prevention of language extinction. Here at LC I am involved in many activities specially with the dance program. Off campus I am usually exploring Portland or volunteering as a Spanish tutor. In my free time I love to run, hike, dance, read, and spend time with my friends. I can usually be found in the second floor of the library where I love studying or walking around campus enjoying the fresh air.


Dance extravaganza, Great Expectations program, TCK board, French club, Russian Club.


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