Picture of Luca Sax.

Luca Sax ’22

IME Peer Educator

Pronouns: he, him, his, they, them, theirs

Hometown: Munich (area), Germany

Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology & International Affairs

What does equity and inclusion mean to you:
Equity and inclusion to me are intersectional movements to create justice in the world by intentionally creating spaces and by empowering those who have been structurally disenfranchised in society. In this way barriers are torn down and people get to live their lives according to their own imagination and agency.

What does self-care/community care look like for you?
Self-care means to me that individuals are allowed the capability to listen and act according to their body-mind. As a disabled person, self-care means that I take time to listen to my favorite podcasts (check out Chronically Fully Sick or Disability After Dark if you are interested) or to wear clothes I find fun (yay, gender expression!). Community care applies those concepts to a larger level. Spending time in my communities to check in on my chosen family, to learn about others’ experiences, and to simply be there for each other allows me to show my care for my community.