Picture of Wendy Cano.

Wendy Cano ’23

IME Peer Educator

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): Hispanic Studies & Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Minor(s): Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (ELI)

What does equity and inclusion mean to you:
Equity is a method for ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities. Equity understands that everyone has a unique set of advantages and struggles, and it understands that we don’t all start from the same position. Equity is a process that begins with the recognition of an unequal starting point and a commitment to correcting and addressing the imbalance.

I believe diversity is about embracing each other’s differences and about learning what makes us unique. Inclusion provides an equal playing field by supporting and empowering those differences. Recognizing diversity and integrating inclusion allows people and groups to feel welcomed, socially accepted, and heard.

What does self-care/community-care look like for you?
For me, self-care is all about taking some time for yourself. I personally love doing face masks, and taking walks around campus! I think community care is all about being there for one another in any way possible. A simple way I like showing community care is by acknowledging and saying hi to people on my way to class!

Things you’re involved with on/off campus.

  • Spanish Tutor for Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB)
  • Member of Gente Latina Unida (GLU)
  • Member of English Education & Social Advocacy (CEESA)
  • Student Representative for the LC Honor Board

Three random facts about you.

  1. I snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  2. I am the proud owner of two dogs: Coco and Pebbles.
  3. I am a musical theater enthusiast and can recite the entire Hamilton soundtrack.