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Religious Studies

Sylvia Frankel

Adjunct Faculty

J.R. Howard Hall

Before starting teaching the Introduction to Judaism class in the Religious Studies Department, Sylvia Frankel was director of the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center from 1983-1995. In that capacity Frankel built up an oral history archive of Holocaust survivors, refugees, and concentration camp liberators. She continues to be engaged in oral history activities under the aegis of the Oregon Jewish Museum. Frankel is also on the faculty of the local Florence Melton Adult Mini School, a program developed by Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Frankel has taught classes on Jewish History, the Holocaust, and Israeli literature at Portland State University, Reed College, and Marylhurst. Frankel organizes an annual Women’s Day of Jewish Learning, in the Jewish community, with a focus on biblical women. She has directed and produced two videos based on her oral histories. Frankel’s Introduction class covers the various movements in Jewish history, starting with Rabbinic Judaism and including Medieval Jewish philosophy, Jewish mysticism, Hasidism, and the various contemporary streams of Judaism.


Spring 2018 Courses:

RELS 262: Modern Judaism
MWF 9:10AM - 10:10AM

Exploration of how the emancipation period in Europe transformed the Jewish world, beginning in the latter part of the eighteenth century. Includes some of the early personalities, such as Moses Mendelssohn, Samson Raphael Hirsch, Leopold Zunz; the emergence of new denominations in Europe in the nineteenth century, such as the Reform and neo-Orthodox movements; and denominations developed in the United States in the twentieth century.

Prerequisites: None.

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Religious Studies


Sylvia Frankel’s office is located in room 226 of John R. Howard Hall.


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Sylvia Frankel Adjunct Faculty

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