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Kristin Fujie

Associate Professor of English

Miller Hall

Kristin was born and raised in northern California, where she attended the University of California, Berkeley, first as an undergraduate and then—after spending several years in Japan—as a graduate student.  She earned her Ph.D. in 2010 and joined the English department in 2011.  Here at Lewis & Clark she teaches a variety of classes in American literature, including the department’s “Introduction to American Literature” and its surveys of Modern American Literature, as well as a seminar on William Faulkner.  She also enjoys teaching in the college’s Exploration and Discovery program.  Her current research focuses on Faulkner’s early novels from Soldiers’ Pay (1926) to The Sound and the Fury (1929).  


Modern American Literature (on sabbatical 2019-2020)


Academic Credentials

Ph.D. (2010), B.A. (1997) University of California, Berkeley