Jenna Timmerman ‘22 (she/her)

Psychology major, Economics minor

Jenna grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently studying Psychology and Economics, and is also in the Teacher Pathways Program with the LC Grad school with hopes of becoming a teacher. This will be her first year on SAA as a junior and is very excited to be a part of the SAA team! Outside of SAA, she is a member of the volleyball team. When she is not practicing or at games, you can catch her working the front desk or in the weightroom of Pamplin Sports Center. You can also catch her on the weekends working all the soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball games doing Statistics for the NCAA live stream– and she is always down to talk sports & loves all the sports. Outside of all that, she loves to paint in her free time– but it’s much more likely you’ll catch her napping on the couches inside Pamplin!

Additional Information

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

LC Volleyball Team

Pamplin Sports Center and PioStream Student Employee

Teacher Pathways Program