Expedition to Antarctica with Biologist Ken Clifton, Accompanied by President Wiewel

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 “Nature can teach us many things, which is why I love being outdoors with my students”. Ken Clifton, Marine Biologist


Expedition Leader: Ken Clifton, Lewis & Clark Professor

Accompanied By: Lewis & Clark President Wim Wiewel & Alice Wiewel

Group Size: About 14 to 22. 

Flights to Ushuaia: Participants can purchase the Antartica Voyage (see below), and then purchase their own transportation to rendezvous with the group by 1:00 pm on 1/15/22 in Ushuaia, Argentina. We highly recommend either the Orlando, FL Departure Option, or the Buenos Aires Pre-Excursion Option.



Cost: About $12,000

Dates: Travel to Orlando on 1/14/22 or before. Depart Orlando evening of 1/14/22. Arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina morning of 1/15/22.

Transportation: RT US Flights from 16 Major US Cities to Orlando, FL. Charter flight direct to Ushuaia leaving evening of 1/14/22. Transfer from Airport to Ship included.


Cost: About $12,000

Dates: Depart US 1/12/22 arrive Buenos Aires 1/13/22. Overnight 1/13 & 1/14. Depart for Ushuaia on 1/15.

Transportation: You purchase your flight to Buenos Aires. Transfer from Airport to hotel on 1/13/22 included.

Accommodations: 4-Star Boutique Hotel

The capital of Argentina is a leader in design and pulses with creative energy. We will orient you to the city as we explore the leafy boulevards, hip galleries and European architecture. In this melting pot of culture—the local Porteños greet you warmly with a kiss. Connoisseurs of culture will find 300 theaters and 160 museums. Kick things off with a special welcome dinner then enjoy free-time tasting local favorites including maté, renowned steaks, Malbec wines and sweet alfajores. 



Date: Ship embarks Ushuaia, Argentina on 1/15/22; Returns to Ushuaia 1/24/22

Duration: 10 Days & 9 Nights

Cost: Included Above.

Accommodations: Luxury Antarctica Ship; 98 Suites with about 198 Passengers. All rooms can be double or single suites.

Explore the pristine wilderness of the Antarctic Peninsula, a narrow finger of land that separates the ice-choked waters of the Waddell Sea and the surrounding islands. As our ship sails through scenic waterways, witness a breathtaking panorama of icebergs, blue glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. Aboard the ship’s fleet of Zodiacs, cruise among ice floes, explore Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie penguin rookeries, and look for minke, humpback and orca whales as they cavort in the sparkling waters. The cruise begins and ends in Ushuaia, located in Argentina’s Patagonia region at the southernmost tip of South America. Lewis & Clark professor Ken Clifton’s expertise regarding marine biology and conservation will be a resource along the journey. You will also be accompanied by expert polar guides.

Faculty Leader

Dr. Ken Clifton has been teaching biology at Lewis & Clark for over twenty years. His studies of marine biology and vertebrate behavior have taken him across the planet, with extended periods of research in far-flung places like Panama, Australia, Micronesia and East Africa. With over 13,000 hours of scuba and snorkeling experience, and nearly 1700 species on his bird list, Ken is well suited to teach us about the birds, mammals, and other marine life we encounter during our expedition, including whales, dolphins, seals, and myriad seabirds. He is also a strong advocate for conservation and the environment, apt topics for a visit to the south polar seas. Ken is a seasoned veteran of L&C study abroad programs, having led five trips to East Africa and another to Micronesia. Perhaps not surprisingly, the courses he teaches at L&C: Animal Behavior, Marine Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, and Introductory Ecology, all have strong field components in their curriculum. In his free time Ken enjoys nature photography, fishing from his boat, the Samaki Kubwa (“big fish” in Swahili), and trying to keep up with his two-year old granddaughter.

Questions: contact Andrew McPheeters: mcpheete@lclark.edu or 503-768-7936.