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Bruce Podobnik

Associate Professor of Sociology

JR Howard 362, MSC: 60
Office Hours:

Mondays and Thursdays 3-4pm; Students should sign up on my online calendar, which can be found by running an internet search on Bruce Podobnik homepage.

Academic Credentials

PhD 2000, Johns Hopkins University, MA 1994, Johns Hopkins University, BA 1991, University of California at Santa Cruz


Social Change in Latin America
Quantitative Research Methods
Introduction to Sociology
The Pursuit of Happiness
Environmental Sociology
Myth Ritual and Symbol
Power and Resistance
SOAN Internship
Social Change
Senior Thesis



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Professional Experience

  • 2005-Present  Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Lewis & Clark College.
  • 1999-2005  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, Lewis & Clark College. 
  • 1994-1999  Research Assistant, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University.

Location: J.R. Howard Hall