Alexa Cid Carrera ’21 (she/her)*

International Affairs major

Alexa will be serving as this year’s SAA president and is excited about the opportunity to bridge the gap between current students and alumni!

Born and raised in Oregon, she is a first-generation college student majoring in international affairs. She transferred to Lewis & Clark in the Fall of 2018 from Clackamas Community College where she earned her associate’s degree in business administration. Alexa recently returned from a semester abroad in Spain as a Gilman Scholar until her trip was cut short by the global pandemic.

Other than SAA, she is also serving as a great expectations mentor with the office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement where she helps mentor first-generation and/or students of color in their transition to Lewis & Clark. Alexa also co-leads the Lewis and Clark kitchen cabinet and the coalition for English education and social advocacy.

Outside of school, Alexa works as a Spanish Medical interpreter; helping patients with limited English proficiency communicate with their medical providers. If she’s not at school or at work you can find her at exploring the Portland food and coffee scene with friends.

Additional Information

• Hometown: Oregon City, OR

• Spanish Medical Interpreter & Spanish Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) Tutor 

• Co-Leader of Coalition for English Education & Social Advocacy (CEESA)

• Co-Leader of Lewis & Clark Food Pantry