Japan: From Mt. Fuji to the Inland Sea

  • Japan
Lewis & Clark Pioneers have an opportunity to discover Japan on this travel study program. Join us as we visit Tokyo, explore central Japan, and discover the Inland Sea area. 

Tentative Program
This program is currently in development. Exact dates, itinerary, and prices will be announced by January 1, 2017. If you would like to be notified directly please email Andrew McPheeters at mcpheete@lclark.edu

Proposed dates
A two week period between July 12, 2017 and August 1, 2017.

Group Leaders 
Associate Professor of Japanese and Associate Dean of the College, Bruce Suttmeier
Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Programs, Andrew McPheeters

  • Join Lewis & Clark students studying on Mt. Fuji and accompany them on their field work for a day.
  • Enjoy discussions with the Lewis & Clark Mt. Fuji Program faculty, Historian Dr. Andrew Bernstein and Geologist Dr. Elizabeth Safron.
  • Visit key sites in Tokyo and enjoy a reception with our local alumni.
  • Travel to special cultural sites throughout Central Japan including the Fuji Five Lakes Region.
  • Immerse yourself in Japanese culture in Kyoto and Nara.
  • A special excursion to the Ki Peninsula with overnight accommodations in a Buddhist temple at Mount Koya.