Craig Beebe, 2006

While he was a student at Lewis & Clark, Craig Beebe did not know what career he wanted to pursue but he did know that he enjoyed studying what shapes society and culture from a number of different angles.  He loved discussion and reading heavy classes where he could explore deeper understanding of the subject matter with his classmates.  He loved being able to question the notion that there is a a single “correct” interpretation of facts, and being able to explore his own position and biases.  Craig wrote his SOAN thesis on the history and future of Portland’s freeway system, viewed in part through an urban social theory lens.  The information he learned while writing his thesis continued to serve him as he has pursued policy and regional planning.  Craig got his Master’s in Geography from UC Davis and now works in government and public affairs at Metro, the greater Portland area’s regional planning agency.  Before this job, Craig was worked at 1000 Friends of Oregon, a land use planning advocacy nonprofit.  1000 Friends of Oregon offers a variety of internships every year for undergraduate students and recent graduates.