Colin Patrick

Colin Patrick

Visiting Assistant Professor

John R. Howard Hall 232, MSC: 45

In my view philosophy is not only a body

Academic Credentials

BA from Wesleyan University, 1998
PhD from the University of Chicago, 2012


Fall 2022 Courses:

PHIL 103: Ethics
MWF 10:20am-11:20am

Fundamental issues in moral philosophy and their application to contemporary life.

Prerequisites: None

PHIL 217: Science, Politics & Soc. Just.
MWF 9:10am-10:10am

This course critically examines how the sciences inform social practices and policies, impact human well-being, support – or threaten – democratic institutions, and the ways they are shaped by the socio-economic world in which they are embedded, both historically and today. Topics will include the origins of western scientific method and its connection(s) to capitalism; the similarities and differences between western and Indigenous epistemologies and methods – and the implications for how we frame current Indigenous struggles; the concept of evidence-based public policy; climate change and migration; poverty; forestry and land use; the politics of cartography; border patrolling and surveillance in the interest of public health; and the scientific merit – or otherwise – of sociobiology and genetic determinism about intelligence, race, gender, and social hierarchies.

Prerequisites: None.


My research and teaching interests are in ethical theory, applied ethics, practical reason, deductive and inductive logic, Hegelian dialectics, Marx, philosophy of history, philosophy of technology, and philosophy of film.

Location: J.R. Howard Hall