April 15, 2010

Senior Thesis Projects Festival

Capstone Projects created/directed by Senior Theatre Majors
Performances on April 21 & 23 at 6:30p, April 22 & 24 at 7:00pm 

Program A: Wednesday, April 21 & Friday, April 23 

6:30p - BAD HOUR by Kimberly Fanshier ‘09
Directed by Ana Erikson
(Note: this will be presented in the Fir Acres Theatre Courtyard)
“Follows two childhood friends as they leave the place they are from for the first time and discover the cost of reinventing yourself.” 

7:45p (approx) - THE SECRET IN THE WINGS by Mary Zimmerman
Directed by Erin Dees
“A cluttered attic and the imaginations of children spark an exploration into unplumbed depths of fairy tales.” 

8:45p (approx) - AMERICAN SLIGO by Adam Rapp
Directed by Matt Lundberg
“The dysfunctions of the American Family are at the center of this dark comedy as the audience joins the Sligo Family for what could be considered their last supper.” 


Program B: Thursday, April 22 & Saturday, April 24 

7:00p - THE SHAPE OF THINGS by Neil Labute
Directed by Alex Ramirez
“An invitation to question the motives behind our relationships to one another; ask yourselves: how far is too far?”

8:30p (approx) - DEAD MAN’S CELL PHONE by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Emily Gregory
“One insistently ringing cell phone is all it takes to pull one hapless woman into the depths of a strange, fantastical world and the lives (and deaths) of the people who inhabit it.”

9:30p (approx) - ARTAUD IN HELL
Written and directed by Sander Gusinow
“A dark sojourn into theatre theoretician Antonin Artaud’s ‘theatre of cruelty.’  This bloody, chaotic, dreamlike madness is not quite fun for the whole family (above the age of 15 recommended).