May 13, 2024

2024 Lezak Social Justice Fellows Named

The Lezak Social Justice Fellowship awards summer stipends to law students, motivating them to contribute to the Oregon community while offering mentorship and support. In 2024, four outstanding students—Elaine Morado ’26, Tanner Condit ’25, Stephanie Scheno ’25, and Zoe Fielden ’26—have been chosen as fellows. 

Four students have been named as the 2024 Lezak Social Justice Fellows: Elaine Morado ’26, Tanner Condit ’25, Stephanie Scheno ’25, and Zoe Fielden ’26. The Lezak Social Justice Fellowship honors the legacy of Sid Lezak by granting summer stipends to law students who will be serving the community. The program also provides mentorship and guidance to the fellows.

This summer, the fellows will be taking on challenging work for a number of community organizations.

Elaine Morado will be working for the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic. Elaine’s work will include assisting with parole requests as well as informational visits to incarcerated youth and conducting research for legislative efforts.

Tanner Condit will be working with the Alaska Public Defender Agency in the Palmer Office. Tanner will appear in court as a certified law student, representing misdemeanor clients.

Stephanie Scheno will be working for the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI). Stephanie will be helping to develop resources and training for the Oregon Hate Crimes Project, a toolkit for legal resources for lawyers assisting victims with disabilities, and supporting NCVLI’s Crime Victim Law Conference.

Zoe Fielden will be working as a law clerk at the Federal Public Defender for the District of Oregon in Portland this summer.

Sid Lezak was one of the longest serving US Attorneys in the history of the United States, the father of alternative dispute resolution in Oregon, an activist, a community servant, and a mentor to many Oregonians. The Lezak Social Justice Fellowship (previously known as the Lezak Legacy Fellowship) honors his legacy.

Through the Lezak Social Justice Fellowship, the insight, guidance, and encouragement that Sid Lezak provided to so many of Oregon’s greatest citizens passes to a new generation of lawyers.