May 05, 2023

Students are Away - Now We Play!

It might be hard to believe, but Facilities will have an even bigger presence on campus this summer. 

Cliff note version of Facilites projects:

  • Fowler Center two week electrical shut down (5/8-5/21)
  • Refinishing Field’s kitchen floor (5/8-5/21)
  • Ponderosa sanitary line upgrade 
  • Forest new fire line 
  • Hartzfeld Hall new roof
  • Law School HVAC upgrades
  • Pamplin Gym bleacher and back board maintenance (5/8-5/15)
  • Lower Fowler and Templeton Way asphalt and drainage repairs (5/8-5/15)
  • JRHH HVAC improvements
  • Platt replacement of domestic hot water and heating tank
  • Griswold Stadium (5/15-8/15)
  • Pamplin locker room renovation (5/15-8/15)
  • Corbett Commons continues
  • South Chapel roof
  • Law School improvements
  • Frank Manor envelope improvements
  • Olin Chemistry Stockroom
  • Stewart Odell renovation continues
  • Watzek roof and storm drainage repairs
  • Central plant chilled water system improvements

More information and updates will come as projects progress.