April 26, 2023

Google Plus Rollout For All Employees

IT has rolled out Google Education Plus licenses to all LC staff and faculty. This upgrade will give Lewis & Clark an expanded set of security and protection tools, such as enhanced phishing detection and protection against malicious attachments.

Google Plus offers administrators a sandbox environment that will automatically and securely scan attachments for malware. In addition to these robust security offerings, Google Plus licenses will introduce access to new utilities and unlock new capabilities for end users.

As a result of this upgrade, you may notice some minor changes to your current Google experience. These changes are minimal user interface items and may not even be noticeable. You’ll also have access to new tools in your dashboard such as expanded Google Meet offerings, and email enhancements.

While these Google Plus licenses offer enhanced functionality and access to new features, not all capabilities may be unlocked or offered when the Plus licenses are implemented. These new features will be reviewed to ensure they are available to make your life easier and more productive. Keep an eye out for future articles that will highlight Google Plus features as well as how you can use them to make your work life even better.

IT is committed to making this transition as seamless and easy as possible with minimal disruption to your daily work.