November 07, 2022

New course investigates the concepts of Crime, Law and Justice in English and German

German 321/322: Crime, Justice, Law investigates the concept of law and justice in relation to crime and criminality. The course will explore questions such as: What exactly is the meaning of “crime,” “justice,” and the “law”? What/who is a “criminal”? Is there such a thing as “justice”? What role does the “law” play in relation to the “rights” of the individual? Do these questions and their answers change depending on their cultural and historical context?

Students will attempt to answer these questions through an analysis of works from the German-speaking world. Class materials include short stories, crime fiction, poetry, plays, as well as watch several films and part of a German TV series (with English subtitles).

This course will be taught by German professor Catherine Sprecher-Loverti in Spring 2023. Registration begins