November 01, 2022

Don’t forget Election Day November 8th

Keep these tips in mind as you fill out your ballot.

This week is the last week before the 2022 midterm election! Keep these tips in mind as you fill out your ballot. Make sure to READ THE DIRECTIONS that come with your ballot. Some states will not accept ballots that are filled out with the wrong writing utensil (usually anything other than black ink or 2# pencil). Please read the directions before you fill out your ballot.

If there are bubbles on your ballot, make sure to fill them in fully and completely, just like on your SAT test! Once you fill out your ballot, check on a few things.

Does your state require a signature? If so, make sure to sign exactly as you normally would. They will cross-reference the signature on your ballot with the signature in the DMV database. For some states, especially those with strict absentee ballot rules, two witnesses or a notary is required. If this is the case for you direct message us at palatine.hill.student.voters or text 910-260-9581 and we will witness for you.

Most absentee ballots have postage pre-paid (check the envelope to make sure!). If the directions say you need a stamp, text 910-260-9581 and we will get you one. You can also buy stamps at the mail room for 60 cents.

Finally, your ballot must be postmarked on or before election day! Keep in mind that the mail-room closes at 4:30pm, so if you live on campus be sure to mail your ballot before 4:30 on Tuesday, November 8th.

If you have your ballot but you’re unsure of who you’ll vote for, come to our candidate research workshop this Wednesday 11/2 in the Troom at 6pm or check out this website from the League of Women Voters

To celebrate democracy we will be streaming the election results live in the Bon from 5pm-8pm on election day Tuesday, November 8th. Come join us!