September 23, 2022

Arts@LC Platteau Grant Application

The Platteau Grant Fund through Arts@LC to enhance your artistry and learning related to or within the Platteau space. - FALL DEADLINE - OCTOBER 30, 2022



The Platteau is a student-run space on campus to foster creativity, open to artists and creative thinkers alike. It is committed to providing a safe space for students to express themselves freely. The Platteau Grant Fund was established through Arts@LC in 2020 to award Lewis & Clark students with grants for various opportunities and projects that enhance the students’ artistry and learning related to or within the Platteau space.

This includes, but is not limited to:
* Independent Research Projects: Students may apply for funds to travel and/or purchase materials for advanced or independent research projects.
* Creative Projects: students may apply for funds to cover the cost of creating a project in visual art, creative writing, or performance.
* Events: students may apply for funds to support the programming of arts focused events at the Platteau.

The number of grants awarded to students annually will depend upon the number of students who apply for funding and the amount of funds. The size of the grant will depend upon the proposed budgets for projects and the amount of funds available.

*Project funding should culminate in an event/workshop/art showing in the Platteau. 

If you have any questions, please contact Arts@LC Administrator Chelsea Bushnell at or Platteau Co-Managers at